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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Original Money Shot: Usurping Male Power in Art and Pornography

Before trekking out to Northampton, MA for the latest show at FOE Gallery, I perused their website to see what was on view: de la calle: Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Jessica Sabogal and the ASARO Collective. I was completely struck with immediacy at the depth and power of Jessica Sabogal's "The Original Money Shot," an airbrushed work of art featuring a woman on all fours, posterier in the forefront. Other works in this show include a nude woman in pose and each one conveys extreme thought and requests emotional response. But "The Original Money Shot" struck me so deeply; it is a work that in some ways you want to examine, but do not necessarily want to be seen viewing. However, you have to find the power within yourself as a woman to absorb the meaning and there is no denying the connection to the power of our own sexuality.

The money shot is male concept: the pornographic detail of male dominance over woman, reaching his own self-pleasure on camera. Here, Sabogal's piece articulates a sexual pathology suggesting that male orgasm is not reached without the pleasure a woman gives him, but also that woman is completely capable of pleasuring herself without man; the threat of female empowerment. 

The current show is on view through May 5th, 2012. 

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